This weeks run is brought to you by the colour BLUE
Not surprisingly, DICKHEAD 2 ( the Donald trump of hash) arrived at the run site with that "What are you all doing here? look on his face" And then, as if it's the worst imposition EVER, begrudgingly gives the chalk talk to a pack that apparently should already know where they are going.!!!!   
We are told that the trail has been laid in the suburb of Cook, utilising BLUE spray paint. The pack had a good idea of the amount of paint used by looking at DH2's hands, trouser legs and side of his car. There was blue everywhere. We were told that it had been applied to the footpath, fence posts, telegraph poles, walls, plants and the odd pensioner out walking their dog.
But as we found out when SCROTUM BITER gave his run report, it still wasnt enough paint as the runners pack got lost within 100 metres of the carpark. SB also described the run as "Short, smooth and uneventful" it was about this time that the run report lost its credibility. As the pack ran past the BLUE poles (Subtle Jackson Pollack reference) outside Cook primary school ANKLE BITERs ankle bracelet started to send out rapid pulses to the nearest police station. (More on that later). The walk was described as "Pleasant, scenic and passing an amazing number of backyards" There were a couple of gates constructed in such a way that humans with a waist size bigger than a super model would be unable to get through them. BAABAARA would have been stranded in the Cook Hills.
The evening was cold, bloody cold, BETTY BOOPs lips were Blue with cold. The fire was barely doing the job.
GERBILS kept fucking it up by putting green wood into it. The hare song was sung and SEXCHANGE blurted out a verse that would have had WEATHERMAN turning in his grave (If he was in fact, dead)
Our Virgin pointed out that uncle INFALLABLE had dragged him out of the Hunter Valley where he had been enjoying a climate in the mid 30s. (C or F, we never found out), SUNBEAM, C and B and SCRO-BO were returnees.
The RA was charged for provided shit weather. DH2 for spray painting Cook Blue. The hash whisperer was GERBILS out in front, all on his own. Yelling out fuck all. SCARLETT was charged for not taking the altitude out of the Cook hills. POP TART was outed as a stalker with a big di/eck. 
C and B was charged for Cock talk on the run and for have smurf sex. GERBILS picked every check apparently by following the great swarves of Blue paint liberally applied over Cook. The Boys in Blue arrived in the soon to be superceded, Blue Oval adorned Falcon. They were looking for a bunch of youths in the vicinity of the Cook shops who had lit a fire. The community minded hash immediatley volunteered to form a vigilante group and hunt down these errant youths, but were told by PC Plodd to just carry on with our heavy drug use and goat sacrifice.
Annivs: SEXCHANGE 450, JR 999 and C & B 49
Awards: INFALLABLE = FRB and FRIZZY recieved the big prick for some serious Blue Bombay Saphire consumption on Sunday.
The literary depiction of events above may be regarded as the one true account. This is based on the fact that no one else can be bothered to write a different or conflicting view. Liberties may have been taken but notes by other people were not !!!