Capital Hash 2100th Run

Capital's 2100th run will be held over 23 to 25 October 2020 at Huskisson, Jervis Bay which is a casual 2 hours and 45-ish minutes from both Sydney and Canberra.

It goes like this :

The A4 printable flier is available here.

The registration form is available here.

Bookings and General COVID-19 Issues

Capital Hash has established an understanding that accommodation bookings should be made by the end of August AND IF COVID-19 restrictions impact on the event then Holiday Haven will reimburse all money on cancellation.  You should confirm that this is the case when you book. Note that if you try to book AFTER the end of August, Holiday Haven will release all un-booked cabins to the general public so do not leave it too late. Just imagine the carnage if the Dapto Temperance League also make a block booking !

Just to make it clearer, accommodation arrangements including cancellation are your responsibility.

If the entire event is cancelled, Capital Hash will also reimburse your $100 registration.